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Limit of liability
Through this warning, the group commercially known as “Bunsan”, and his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, give notice to users of Bunsan web page (hereinafter, the “users”), that technical linking devices are provided through these pages (such as, among others, links, banners, buttons), directories and browsing tools to entering into web sites property of third parties (hereinafter, the “linked sites”). Installation of these links in the pages of Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies is limited to facilitating users to browsing and having access to the information available through the internet linked sites; thus, no link or association is to be implied by and between Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, and the operators of the linked sites. Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies do not control, approve or make any service, information, data, files, products or any kind of existing material their own, neither guarantee security, the existence of virus in the content or the absence of other elements that might affect their computer systems or electronic documents and files stored in the computing systems or linked sites.

Therefore, Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies do not guarantee or assume and are released from any liability caused by any type of damages or prejudices that may arise from: the operation, availability, accessibility or continuity of the linked sites; the maintenance of service provision, information, data, files, products and any kind of existing material in the linked sites; the existing obligations and offers delivered in the linked sites; the accuracy of information or quality of services included or provided by third parties or provided by the linked sites, or by those arising in connection with this site; by the lack of security of the linked sites, by any unauthorized use of trademarks or intellectual property rights of third parties or contents included in the linked sites. Furthermore, regarding references made in respect to any product, service, process linked site, hypertext or any other information in which brands, distinctive signs and/or domains are used. The commercial brand name or name of manufacturer, provider, etc., owned by third parties shall neither constitute in any moment, nor imply to be supported or recommended by Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies and, in no case shall Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies will bear any ownership or liability for them. Both access into this site, and the use to be made in respect to the information herein contained are exclusive liability of the user. Therefore, the user shall exercise extreme caution when valuating or making use of the services, information, data, files, products and any type of existing material in the linked sites.

No illegal or forbidden use
It is a condition that the user of Bunsan Web Site guarantees Bunsan that this site is not to be used for purposes illegal or forbidden by the present terms conditions and notifications. This site cannot be used in such a way that the site results affected, disabled, overloaded or deteriorated or where its use and operation is affected by third parties. No material or information shall be obtained or attempted to be obtained by making use of means different from those expressly and implicitly offered for such effects in this site.

Page elements
In order to provide the information contained in the Web Page; such as drawings, designs, sound, video, texts, pictures, etc. Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies might possibly would have hired third parties to carry out the corresponding studies and researches, including the drawings, designs, sound, video, texts or pictures included in the Web Page. Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies herein express that, since such productions are not of their ownership or performance, any information included in web page, some texts, graphics, links and/or content of certain articles therein included, might not be true or updated. Therefore, Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies will not be liable. Materials or information provided by Bunsan or published through Bunsan Web site, Bunsan will not claim property of any materials (comments and recommendations included) advertised, published, uploaded, entered, or delivered into any of the web sites of Bunsan or his associated services (hereinafter, the “deliveries”) provided by you to Bunsan. However, by means of advertising, publishing, uploading, entering, providing or delivering information, you are granting faculties to Bunsan, his affiliated companies and required licensees, to make use of such deliveries in connection with the operation of your respective businesses in Internet; including, but not limited to the rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, represent, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your delivery and to announce your name in connection with your delivery. No compensation shall be paid as result of the use of any delivery as referred to hereunder. Bunsan is not bound to advertise, publish or use any of the deliveries that users might provide and may, likewise, suppress or remove any delivery filed, at any moment and at discretion of Bunsan. For the mere fact of advertising, uploading, entering, providing or delivering information, the users guarantee and establish to be the owners or that, somehow they keep control of the rights of such delivery, as hereunder described in this section; including, but not limited to all rights necessarily involved in for the provision, advertisement, upload, enter, delivery of remittance of information.

Data, software, products and services included in, or available through the Bunsan Web Site might be inaccurate or contain typographical errors. Information amendments or additions are periodically made to data herein. Bunsan and/or his providers might make, at any time, modifications or improvements to the Bunsan Web Site. Tips and advices provided through Bunsan Web Site should not be taken into consideration if personal, medical, legal or financial decisions are being made. You should ask a professional for any specific counselling that fits your requirements.

Bunsan and/or his providers neither represent suitability, reliability, availability, topicality, nor data, software, products, services and related graphics accuracy in the Bunsan Web Site, whichever its purpose might be. In compliance with the maximum scope of applicable regulations, such data software, products, services and related graphics are provided in an “as is” form, subject to no guarantee or condition. Hence, any guarantee or condition is rejected by Bunsan and/or his providers regarding the said and/or his providers; including any expressed guarantees or conditions provided for in the commercialization, adaptation into a specific objective, certification and/or infringement.

In compliance with maximum scope of applicable regulations, in no case shall Bunsan and/or his providers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, subsequent damage whatsoever including, without limitations, damages caused by the loss of use, loss of data or loss of profit as a consequence of or, in any way related to the use or performance of Bunsan Web Site, caused by stalling or inability of use of Bunsan Web Site or any related services, or by the provision or lack of provision or resulting from any information, software, products, services and related graphics obtained through Bunsan Web Site, or somehow resulting from the use of Bunsan Web Site, whether based upon the celebration of an agreement, grievance, negligence, strict liability, or in any other form even though Bunsan or any of his providers were previously notified of any potential damage occurrence. Due to the fact that in certain jurisdictions liability exclusions or limitations resulting from incidental or consequential damages or losses are not authorized, limitation referred to in paragraph above might not be applicable. Should you do not agree with any part of Bunsan Web Site, or with any of these terms and conditions of use, then your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using Bunsan Web Site.

Property right and commercial trademarks
Any content included in Bunsan Web Site are: All rights reserved. Any names of companies and real products might be commercial trademarks of their corresponding proprietors. Any right not expressly granted hereon is reserved. Modifications to the current terms of use Bunsan reserves the right to modify any terms, conditions and notifications under which Bunsan Web Site is provided; including, but not limited to any charges in connection with the use of Bunsan Web Site.

Termination / Restriction of Access
Bunsan reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel access of user into the Bunsan Web Site, and to other related services or any other site, at any moment and without previous notification.

Law and Jurisdiction
The user, by making use of the Web Site of Bunsan, his subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, expressly agrees to submit, in case of disputes, to the Courts of Law in Mexico City, in the United States of Mexico, as well as to the applicable laws in any specific case in force in the said location. The user expressly waives to any other jurisdiction that, due to his nationality or place of residence might correspond